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Ann Kilroy, CPM


Ann is the proud mother of six humans born in four different decades, each of whom have inspired Ann's passion for supporting birthing options and parenting choices.  

Childbirth Educator...

Check out the EveryBaby Midwifery Collaborative Website for a complete class schedule.  

Class series include:

  • Home Birth Preparation Classes
  • Hospital and Birthing Center Prep Classes
  • 8 Simple Rules to Reduce Your Chance of a Cesarean
  • New Parent Classes

Schedule of Appointments...

Prenatal appointments are scheduled monthly through the 28th week of pregnancy, and then every two weeks until 36 weeks, when visits are scheduled weekly until baby's birth, followed by two Postpartum visits, scheduled for 24 hours after the birth, and 3 days after.  Appointments last about an hour.  Visits are generally carried out in the client's home.  



Ann attends births in Eastern Massachusetts, including the North Shore to Cape Ann, South of Boston as far as Plymouth, the Metro West, and Greater Boston areas.  

Doula services are available for clients planning hospital or birthing center births.  Doula services include:

  • 2 Prenatal visits, in the client's home.
  • Unlimited Phone contact
  • Labor Attendance, which includes phone contact in early labor, coming to the home or meeting the client at the hospital when active labor begins, and remaining with the client for several hours after the baby is born
  • 1 Postpartum visit



Ann has been a midwife attending home births in Massachusetts for 22 years.  She is dedicated to providing clients with individualized care. She  incorporates the modalities of homeopathy, herbal tinctures, relaxation, visualization, and hypnobirthing into her practice, with a focus on the goal of creating and supporting the birthing environment each client desires.  


Ann has been an Independent Midwife since 1993.  She obtained her National Certification as a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) in 2000.  She is a Midwife, Doula, and Childbirth Educator, and founder of EveryBaby Midwifery Collaborative, which provides childbirth education and parenting classes, as well as community support and social gatherings.  She is also a current member and past president of the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance, past board member of the Partners in Perinatal Health, and previous owner of The Paren't Choice Bookcenter.