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Ann Kilroy, CPM

Ann Kilroy, CPM

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I had Ann Kilroy for my midwife for two of my children.   I was initially conflicted about a home birth, but Ann's expertise, and experience helped me make my decision.  Ann was there for me throughout my entire pregnancy, always a phone call away to answer any questions with a calming reassuring voice that validated my desire to take control of my birth.  I was fully mentally prepared for my home birth by the time my labor started.  I felt "totally cared for" throughout my pregnancy both before and after. The stress of being in a hospital setting was removed as I labored naturally at home with my family around me.  What wonderful experience it was having a midwife  as we welcomed our new baby. I would highly recommend Ann Kilroy as your midwife and and labor support.                                                            -Anne S

Ann Kilroy Home Midwifery Services Home Birth Midwife

Client Testimonials...

​​I have 4 children, all of their births attended by fabulous midwife Ann Kilroy! 13+ years ago, I was newly pregnant and living in Cambridge, so I began the process of calling around to both lay and nurse midwives, educating myself about my birthing options. It quickly became clear to me that I if I wanted to be in control of my own body and decisions during my pregnancy and labor, I wanted a homebirth. I knew I needed someone competent but relaxed, someone who would support my choices, but who wouldn't hesitate to refer me to a medical practitioner if necessary. When the time for my oldest son's birth arrived, I felt confident and excited. 14 hours later (including over 3 hours of pushing, monitored closely but without any interventions that disturbed the process), Ryan arrived, rocketing into Ann's expert waiting hands. Since his birth, I have had 3 other children born at home with Ann in attendance, two of them very fast labors under 3 hours total! Ann's presence was always reassuring, with equipment ready in case the newborn or I required extra assistance. Her postpartum and breastfeeding advice was invaluable. This past weekend, my oldest became a teenager, and thanks to Ann, I reminisce about his entrance into the world as both an empowering but biologically routine experience. I can't thank Ann enough!       -Krista A

Ann has been a midwife attending home births for over 25 years.  She attends clients in the Boston Area, Metro West, and North Shore of Massachusetts.  She is available for clients who are planning a home birth, or as a Doula for clients having their babies in the Hospital or a Birthing Center.  

Ann's services include Water Births, Homeopathy, Herbs and Aroma Therapy.  She is a CPM, Certified Professional Midwife, credentialed through the North American Registry of Midwives and the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance.  

Ann is also the founder of the EveryBaby Midwifery Collaborative and teaches Childbirth Education classes and leads Parent Support Groups.



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